Open Access

Open Access to SUNY Scholarship

Open Access is defined as typically free or low cost, timely, online availability of scholarly and creative works.

SUNY’s commitment to open access begins with an understanding of the importance of SUNY scholarship. The work of SUNY faculty, students and staff is of public interest, informs the works of other scholars, promotes scholarly activities and advancement in their respective fields, and is often published in leading journals. SUNY’s commitment to open access is meant increase access to this scholarship in ways that fully respect and protect ownership rights.

In fact, recognizing that faculty priorities regarding scholarship vary by individual, discipline, and institution, SUNY’s recently adopted open access policy calls for collaboratively developed campus-level policies on open access policy, incorporating certain best practices:

The policy will include provisions for a campus-based repository or use of a System-provided online repository. All repositories will be searchable via a common interface. We are working now to share information about the new policy and schedule related information sessions to support campus efforts.

This action was informed by actions of the SUNY University Faculty Senate on open access and a System-wide Open Access Taskforce.