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New Revised PBS Regulations

Updated NYS Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulations

Updated Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulations

NYS had adopted new regulations for petroleum bulk storage and chemical bulk storage.  The effective date will likely be October 11.  These regulations clean up the suite of regulations that the regulated community had to navigate, are more consistent with federal requirements and are intended to improve the safety related to such storage.

From their press release: 

The changes clarify existing requirements and make it easier for those who store bulk amounts of petroleum or chemicals in tank systems to comply with equipment and handling standards needed to prevent contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water and public water supplies….Consolidating, updating and clarifying our bulk storage regulations bring together many changes made over the years to several state and federal laws and regulations.  These changes allow us to improve environmental standards while making it easier for the owners and operators of facilities in New York State to comply.

The new Part 613 replaces the old Parts 612-14.  It reflects federal requirements, creates operator training requirements and a delivery prohibition processes.  It can be found at:

Additionally there are a number of new support documents available on the DEC website. provides an overview of the revisions to the regulations.

More information about Operator Training can be found here.

Recordkeeping checklists can be found here or

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