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Employee Appointment

Employee Appointment

Proper Appointment of Employees

The foundation to every employment-related transaction is a proper appointment letter


  1. All employees shall, upon appointment, receive a notice of appointment or reappointment containing the following information:
    1. Academic or professional rank, if applicable, and official State title;
    2. Type of appointment, i.e., Term, Continuing, Permanent or Temporary
    3. Duration of appointment if a term, or expected duration if a temporary appointment;
    4. Basic annual salary, if appropriate, or rate of compensation; and
    5. Effective date of appointment
  2. In addition, part-time employees shall receive an appointment letter which includes the following information on required assignments if applicable:
    1. Teaching;
    2. Advisement and/or governance; and
    3. Research and/or community service
  3. In addition, part-time employees shall receive an appointment letter which indentifies the benefits for which they are eligible:
    1. Health;
    2. Leave; and
    3. Other (specify)

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