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Presidential Searches at SUNY

Presidential Searches at SUNY

The legal authority to appoint the president or chief administrative officer of a state-operated campus of the State University of New York is vested in the University Board of Trustees by Section 355(2)(g) of the NYS Education Law. The council of each such campus is given responsibility for recommending a candidate or candidates to the Board by Section 356(3)(a). Section 6004 (c) gives this same power to the Trustees of the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. The Board of Trustees may also appoint a president or chief administrative officer in the event that no council recommendation is made, or where a council recommendation fails to comply with the Trustees' standards and procedures.  The Board of Trustees considers the selection of campus presidents to be one of the most important of its duties. The procedures in the SUNY Presidential Search Policy are intended to assist the councils of state-operated campuses in the search for, and nomination of, individuals to fill the position of president.

SUNY Policy: Guidelines for Conducting Presidential Searches, Document Number 8400

Non-Discrimination in Employment

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