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Research Integrity

Research Integrity

The State University of New York Statement on Research Integrity

March, 2013 - adopted by a SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution

The value of research for human society, and the trust that the public places in science and the scientific and technological process, are vitally dependent on research integrity.  The State University of New York (SUNY) and the Research Foundation for SUNY (RF) are committed to excellence, objectivity, accountability, professional courtesy, fairness, good stewardship, and – above all – integrity in the conduct of scholarly research.  Research university systems, such as SUNY, are special places where knowledge creation through research and scholarship expands and enriches the process of knowledge dissemination through teaching and learning, each component acting together to amplify the co-benefits for people and society. It is in such institutions that the “leaders of each new generation are nurtured; it is there that boundaries to our existing knowledge are explored and crossed; it is there that unfettered thinking can thrive and unconstrained intellectual partnerships can be created. It is there, within each new class, within each new generation, that the future is forged.”  It is a privilege to be able to conduct research and scholarship at SUNY and connect these vital activities with the academic and public service missions of the system. In this light, the research process itself must be transparent and our researchers must take responsibility for assuring the trustworthiness of their research. Freedom of inquiry, openness to new ideas, a love of learning, and a commitment to rigorous study are the necessary components for first-class research and scholarship. SUNY researchers should not avoid difficult or controversial areas, since it is often in these areas that the greatest societal contributions are made. It is professional integrity that allows such new scholarship to be debated, criticized, attacked, defended, digested, and accepted by the scientific community and society, thereby adding to the corpus of human knowledge. When properly exercised, academic freedom, and the concomitant commitment to rigor and excellence, yields the knowledge base on which tomorrow’s society depends.SUNY seeks to reaffirm and maintain its full commitment to integrity in research. This commitment will incorporate regular review and update of existing policies with the following principles in mind.

See the Statement on Research Integrity document.

Press Release from SUNY Communications announcing the Board adoption of the Statement on Research Integrity

SUNY Board Adopts Statement on Research Integrity
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purchase – The State University of New York Board of Trustees today adopted a university-wide statement and 16 core principles on research integrity. The SUNY Statement on Research Integrity incorporates best practices advanced by the White House and around the world, and serves as an important reaffirmation of SUNY’s commitment to integrity in research.  Board Chairman H. Carl McCall said, "SUNY and its Research Foundation are committed to accountability, professional courtesy, fairness, good stewardship, and – above all – integrity, in the conduct of scholarly research.  This statement and its supporting principles reflect the necessary connection between the university’s academic and research missions.”  SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher said, “Groundbreaking research discoveries by SUNY faculty and students benefit New York State and the world, a level of impact that requires a clear and unambiguous playbook. Dr. Killeen and the Research Foundation are to be commended for codifying this statement and its supporting principles.”  The 16 principles outlined by the Statement provide practical, tactical, and philosophical guidance to SUNY scholars, researchers, and administrators in their fulfillment of their research-related responsibilities, and span the areas of transparency, regulatory compliance, conflicts of interest, and societal considerations. The adopted Statement is available online.  “SUNY’s reputation as a leading public comprehensive university system must be based not only on the large volume of research performed on campuses across New York but even more importantly, on its commitment to excellence, objectivity, and integrity in the conduct of that research,” said Dr. Tim Killeen, SUNY’s vice chancellor for research and president of The Research Foundation for SUNY.  “Today’s action by the Board is beyond symbolic. It institutionalizes the highest of standards for SUNY research.”

About the Research Foundation for The State University of New York.  The RF was founded in 1951 to serve SUNY and to capitalize on its scope, scale and diversity as an engine of New York’s innovation economy. The largest, most comprehensive university-connected research foundation in the country, the RF supports nearly $1 billion in SUNY research activity annually, providing sponsored programs administration and innovation support services to SUNY faculty performing research in life sciences and medicine; engineering and nanotechnology; physical sciences and energy; social sciences, and computer and information sciences. To learn more about the RF visit and connect with the RF on Facebook.

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