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Campus Crime Reporting Law

Campus Crime Reporting NYS Law

The Campus Crime Reporting law is New York State law that was signed into law on December 17, 2014, and effective the same day.  The law requires New York State colleges and universities to notify appropriate law enforcement within 24 hours of a report of a violent felony, or a report that a student who resides in housing owned or operated by the school is missing. In cases of sexual assault, the college or university must report the offense to local law enforcement, unless the victim objects.  The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requires that colleges notify students of their right to notify college personnel, notify law enforcement, or choose not to notify or disclose.  The NYS Campus Crime Reporting Law accounts for this provision of VAWA by affording victims of sexual assault the ability to object to the reporting to law enforcement.

How does this law effect SUNY State-Operated campuses:

There are no changes to SUNY State-operated campuses reporting requirements as a result of the 2014 law.  SUNY campuses have been fulfilling the requirements of this law by following their already-established local protocols. The State-operated campus University Police are full-service police departments with proper authorities and jurisdiction.  Additionally, campus police departments have local MOU’s with other regional law enforcement to ensure that information is shared amongst the police who have jurisdiction in and around SUNY campuses. 

SUNY Community Colleges should work with local law enforcement to comply with the Campus Crime Reporting Act if they do not already share the information that is required by the law.


New York State Chapter 486 of the Laws of 2014, Signed: December 17, 2014 Chapter 486; Effective:  December 17, 2014.

Related SUNY Policies and Procedures

SUNY Policies on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response, 2015, PDF Copy of Policies available here.

The Policies include:

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SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Resources (SAVR)
SUNY released a custom “Sexual Assault & Violence Resources (SAVR)” web-based tool to support victims to support victims of sexual assault or interpersonal violence, whether the victim attends a SUNY school or lives in any one of New York State’s communities.  Both tools can be customized for use by states and colleges nationally at no cost; and they can be found easily by typing “SUNY SAVR” or any combination of “SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Resources” into the Google search engine.

SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Workgroup webpage, created by a Resolution requested by Governor Cuomo and passed at a SUNY Board of Trustees meeting  which created the SUNY Policies on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response.

SUNY University Life webpage on Sexual Assault Prevention Resources

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References to Best Practices and Other Supplemental Material

Information on the 2014 New York State Campus Crime Reporting Law can be found on the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence website

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