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SUNY-MLA Workshop

SUNY - Modern Language Association Collaboration

On May 29, 2012, the Provost and the Office of Global Affairs of State University of New York, the State University Faculty Senate, and the Language Consultancy Project of the Modern Language Association held an all day workshop for SUNY professionals:

SUNY-MLA Collaboration for Language and Culture Education:  Exploring New Structures for a Changing World.

SUNY-MLA Workshop Planning Committee included:

The workshop was attended by modern language faculty and full- and part-time staff members,  including both tenure-track and non-tenure track instructors, language department chairs, as well as faculty, staff, deans and provosts with an interest in a dialog about modern language education.

Through its 2007 report entitled Foreign Languages and Higher Education:  New Structures for a Changed World the Modern Language Association has initiated a dialog that is playing out on campuses throughout the United States.  While the MLA does not prescribe any particular formula or curriculum, as a professional organization it is interested in working with colleges and universities to strengthen the teaching and learning of languages and cultures.  Our MLA colleagues work with us to explore our strengths and help us see beyond impediments as we join forces to benefit language and culture education at SUNY.  We consider this event to be the first in a series of such conversations, and we look forward to a close collaboration with this esteemed professional association for post-secondary language educators. 

Workshop agenda and list of attendees

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