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NYS Procurement Card

NYS Procurement Card

The Citibank Visa Corporate Purchasing Card, known as the "procurement card" offers System Administration an alternative procurement method when making small dollar purchases. The program is intended to reduce the time between requesting, ordering and actual receipt of goods or services. The procurement card is currently accepted by vendors that accept the Citibank Visa Card.

The card is issued to the individual who is responsible for purchase requisitions in your office. This card may only be used for "official" State University purchases. Use of the card for personal items, cash advances and business travel expenses is not permitted. Cards are non-transferable and must be returned upon termination of employment.

Cardholders are required to maintain a record of procurement card transactions. A monthly statement is provided by Citibank Visa to all cardholders and the cardholder is responsible for performing a monthly certification of his/her statement on-line. This certification entails comparing the monthly statement to the transaction logs in order to verify that purchases and returns are accurately listed. It is a simple on-line process that takes only a few minutes. Each cardholder is fully trained in this process.

If you would like more information about the procurement card, contact our purchasing department.

State University Procurement Card Policy and Guidelines


Vendors on State Contract

To ensure that when using your P-card you are receiving State contract pricing, please order using these websites:

Office Supplies:

* S&B Computer & Office Products, Inc.
   Office Depot

Office Printers (Contact User Services before ordering):

* Advanced Technology Solutions Group Inc.
   dba ATEC Group

Audio/Video Equipment:

* Audio Visual Sales and Service
   Audio Video Corporation
   Electronic Business Products

Computers (Contact User Services before ordering):


Industrial Supplies:

   W. W. Grainger, Inc.
* Wats International, Inc.



Minority-and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs):

Article 15-A of NYS Executive Law requires SUNY to set participation goals for (M/WBEs). SUNY's current goals for its discretionary expenditures are 3% for MBEs and 3% for WBEs. Consider utilizing these MWBEs when you are making purchases:

Office Supplies:

†  S&B Computer & Office Products, Inc.

Printing Services:

   Allegra Print and Imaging

Industrial Supplies:

†  Wats International, Inc.

Office Printers:

†  Advanced Technology Solutions Group Inc.
   dba ATEC Group

Audio/Video Equipment:

†  Audio Visual Sales and Service



* also an M/WBE                      † also on State contract


A full list of commodities from OGS is available online.

Purchasing Guidelines