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Instructions & Sample Purchase Requisition

Instructions To Complete A Purchase Requisition

The example purchase requisition form‌ corresponds with the numeric instructions listed below.

  1. Date the requisition is prepared by the department.
  2. Suggested Vendor Name: Use a separate requisition for each vendor or commodity group. Office's choice is subject to change at Purchasing Manger's discretion. The purchasing department may change the vendor, but will not change the product ordered without the office's approval.
  3. Vendor Address.
  4. Vendor's Telephone Number.
  5. Contract Number (if known). Use separate requisition for contract items versus non-contract items.
  6. Group Number (if known).
  7. Originating Agency Code (2865 for System Administration or 2877 for University-wide).
  8. SUNY Account. (with subaccount if applicable)
  9. Description. Full description of items to be ordered. Sequence: catalog number, manufacturer, model # and item description, size, color and state compatible equipment if necessary. Items should be legible.
  10. Quantity.
  11. Unit. (e.g., ea, box, ctn.)
  12. Unit Price (if known).
  13. Extended Price (quantity x unit price).
  14. Price Quote. Give date and name of person quoting. Note if using current price list or catalog.
  15. Name of persons using items.
  16. Department or Office.
  17. Building and Room Number.
  18. Exact Date Items Needed.
  19. Authorized Signature. Must be a person authorized to sign for the expenditure of funds for the account number stated. (List on file with Office of Business Affairs).
Purchasing Guidelines