Power of SUNY - Year 2

Year Two: 2010-2011

Implementation of the Strategic Plan

The State University of New York's strategic plan, The Power of SUNY, asserts SUNY's intention to be a leading figure in the revitalization of New York's economy while improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Following the launch of The Power of SUNY, the implementation process began. Implementation of the Strategic Plan is driven by four fundamental concepts:

  1. The implementation process will be defined by sound academic and intellectual principles
  2. Implementation must embody SUNY's ongoing commitment to a participatory, iterative and transparent learning process
  3. Using objective and readily understandable metrics, implementation will be targeted to reaching the central goal of the plan: that SUNY will be a key engine of revitalization for New York State's economy, and that it will enhance the quality of life for the state's citizens
  4. Implementation must be integrated with the strategic plans developed by each of SUNY's 64 campuses

 Implementation PresentationFramework Document

Power of SUNY Teams

To carry out implementation of The Power of SUNY, the following groups and teams were established:

Implementation Governance Groups

Innovation Teams

Transformation Teams

Power of SUNY Team Meetings

Collage of Pictures from Power of SUNY Team Meetings

First Meeting: October 20, 2010, University at Albany
At the first meeting, teams were asked to:


Panel Presentations:

Second Meeting: January 6, 2011, SUNY Plaza
At the second meeting, teams were asked to:


Third Meeting: April 8, 2011, SUNY Plaza
At the third meeting, teams presented their proposed initiatives in detail.



Team Presentation Materials:

Innovation Teams    
SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century  ‌Summary  Presentation
SUNY and the Seamless Education Pipeline  Summary  Presentation
SUNY and a Healthier New York  Summary  Presentation
SUNY and an Energy-Smart New York  Summary  Presentation
SUNY and the Vibrant Community  Summary  Presentation
SUNY and the World  Summary  Presentation
Transformation Teams    
Academic Excellence Summary  
Strategic Enrollment Management  Summary  
Budget Task Force / Resource Allocation Team  Summary  Presentation
Leadership Development  Summary  Presentation
Innovative Instruction  Summary  Presentation 
Information Technology  Summary  Presentation
Shared Governance  Summary  Presentation

State of the University Address

On January 19, 2011 Chancellor Nancy Zimpher gave her first State of the University address entitled "2011: A Year of Action" at the Egg in Albany's Empire State Plaza.

PowerPoint  /  Webcast  /  Press Release  /  Campus Video

 Image of Chancellor Nancy Zimpher delivering the 2011 State of the University Address

Leadership Retreat and White Papers

On April 20, 2011 the first leadership retreat was held at SUNY Plaza. At this meeting, team leaders were asked to:

The webcasts of these proceedings have been archived.

Team Reports - Front Courtroom - Part1Part2
Team Reports - Large Courtroom - Part1Part2

Report Card

Cover Image of the Spring 2011 SUNY Report Card‌As part of Chancellor Nancy Zimpher's five-year strategic plan for SUNY – The Power of SUNY – SUNY introduced the annual "SUNY Report Card," which evaluates and tracks the progress of SUNY across a spectrum of critical areas.

SUNY not only measures success in teaching and research, but also embraces our public mission to play a role in the critical issues facing our state, including helping to turn around New York's economy and improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. To do this, we have identified priorities in alternative energy, "cradle-to-career" education, globalization, diversity, research and innovation, health and wellness, and the impact SUNY students, faculty, and staff can have on building stronger communities statewide.

The SUNY Report Card uses internally and externally validated metrics to track progress in these areas. More importantly, it allows the public to hold SUNY accountable for the progress we make as a system.

Report Card Spring 2011

How SUNY Matters

In June of 2011, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government at the University at Albany and the Regional Institute at the University at Buffalo released “How SUNY Matters.” This report is a comprehensive economic impact study of the State University of New York system. Using detailed econometric data, a broad survey of campuses, and extensive field research, this study examines the broad role of the university system and established a benchmark for measuring future progress. 

How SUNY Matters Publication cover

Click above to flip through the digital issue, or download the Pdf*

First Annual Conference

University as Economic Drivers, Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference flyer.

In 2011, SUNY began holding an annual Critical Issues in Higher Education conference, which analyzed the most important topics national topics impacting Higher Education through the lens of The Power of SUNYUniversities as Economic Drivers was organized as a traditional academic conference, featuring the best work nationally in each of the Six Big Ideas for New York and plenary speakers sharing national best practices. Each year will advance a particular area of focus – 2011’s theme was Measuring Success. This served as an opportunity for the exchange of information about these key policy areas, and a venue to showcase SUNY and progress made toward our goals.

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