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Private Networking

SUNYNet Private Networking

SUNYNet Private Networking is SUNYNet's core competency. The primary objective of this service is to provide SUNY campuses and partners with secure site-to-site virtual private networking between these sites and System Administration and/or ITEC. We work closely with local IT staff at each location to customize a deployment model that provides the best fit approach for the customer while providing a complete and flexible secure networking solution.

We have several common deployment options that include the provisoning of a SUNYNet-managed Cisco ASA 5500 series device that would process all encrypted traffic as it ingresses and egresses campus networks. This approach would allow campus IT staff to leverage the NOC staff at System Administration to remotely manage, monitor and administer the device for a no-hassle, hands-off experience.

Alternatively, some sites prefer to co-manage the provisioned device and some prefer to use their own architecture. No matter what the preference, SUNYNet is willing to discuss your location's individual needs and provide the best possible implementation to address them.

Service Overview:


1 The campus may optionally use on-premises hardware if they prefer.
2 Upon mutual, documented agreement

Requesting the Service:

All SUNYNet service offerings can be requested by contacting SUNYNet Technology Services at 518-320-1202, or via the Service Request form.

Service Level Agreement

You can view the SLA for the SUNYNet Private Networking service. You must have a valid SUNY Federated Login.