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Local Area Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Area Network (LAN)

What do new employees receive as a Network Orientation?

What is the over quota message you will receive if you use too much disk space on the Y: drive?

The LAN server has notified the Helpdesk that CAREYTO is over their allotted disk quota on their Y drive. This means that you will not be able to write anymore files to the Y drive, files currently on the Y drive may be read only when they are accessed by a program, and your Personal Address Book in Outlook will not be available.

Please delete files on your Y drive or move them to another drive such as C (the local hard drive). This will reduce your disk usage and make the Y drive fully functional again. If you need help with this procedure please call the Helpdesk at x1208.

What are the new password standards and how do you create a new password?

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