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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the tasks I need to know to use my new Cisco IP phone?

Transferring a Call:

  • Press Trnsfer.
  • Dial the number.
  • After hearing the ring press Trnsfer.
  • Hang up.

Forwarding Incoming Calls:

  • Press CfwdAll.
  • Dial the number to forward to.
  • To cancel press CfwdAll.

Put a Call on Hold:

  • Press Hold.
  • To return press Resume or the Line button.

Conference Calls:

  • Press More.
  • Then press Confrn.
  • Dial the next number and once connected press Confrn.
  • Press RmLstCl to drop the last caller. Be sure to remove all callers in your conference.

Call Pickup:

  • Press Speaker.
  • Press More.
  • Press Pickup.
  • Your phone will ring for you to pickup.

Change Ring Sound:

  • Press Settings.
  • Scroll to select Ring Type.
  • Press Select.
  • Scroll to select one and press Play.
  • Press Select and OK then press Save.

Voice Mail Shortcuts:

While listening to the Main Menu press:

  • 41:   Change greeting.
  • 412: Toggle alternate greeting.
  • 431: Change password.
  • 432: Change recorded name.

While listening to a message press:

  • #:     Skip to next message.
  • #3:   Skip and delete message.
  • #4:   Skip and reply to message.
  • #42: Skip and reply to all.
  • #5:   Skip and forward message.
  • #6:   Skip and save as new.
  • #9:   Skip and play properties.
  • ##:   Skip and save as is.

Cisco IP Phone Cheat Sheet

How do you use Cisco Unified Meetingplace Express (formerly Cisco Conference Calling)?

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How do you send and receive faxes with the new VoIP Fax system?

What are the new phone and video system upgrades that are occurring on December 20, 2013?

As a reminder to all employees, we will begin our upgrade of the phone and video systems at 6:15pm on Friday December 20th,and will continue through the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. This upgrade enables the future consolidation and sharing of communication services between SUNY locations.

During the upgrade period, desk phone service will be unavailable. If you will be in the building, please have a cellular phone with you in case of an emergency.

System Administration, Research Foundation, and Construction fund offices will all experience the following changes as a result of these upgrades:

-          Dial Pattern Changes

  • Internal calls will now be made by dialing 0 + 4 digit extension (e.g. 01208) or by dialing the full 10 digits of the number (e.g. 5183201208.)
  • Local and long distance calls will now be made using the full 10 digits of the number (e.g. 5183201208.)
  • External access codes of 9 or 91 will no longer be used.

-          Update: Voicemail Passcodes will not be reset

  • We were able to successfully preserve your current voicemail passcode, you will not be asked to change it once the move to the new system is complete.

-          Webex conferencing services will replace the current Meetingplace system.

For additional information on the upgrade and usage changes, please visit our FAQ page at:  Phone Upgrade FAQs

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