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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I install the Chancellor's Office templates?

Click Start, then Run:
Type in the box x:\suny\templates.bat and hit enter.
Then type in the box x:\suny\monarch.bat and hit enter.

Note: The IBM PC model 8307-25U with Windows 2000 and all Windows XP machines include the templates.

How do I fix a [Could not re-establish a DDE connection with the Excel file] message while doing a mail merge?

  1. After clicking Get Data, select the Excel file.
  2. In the Open Data Source window put a check in the Select method box.
  3. Click Open and select Microsoft Excel Worksheet via Converter.
  4. Click OK and click Set up the Main Document.
  5. Select the appropriate label and click OK.
  6. Click Insert Merge Field and select and position the fields to be included in the address label.
  7. Click OK and then click Merge.

How do I do a mail merge like the old versions of Word?

You can do this one of two ways-use the Mail Merge Toolbar or the Mail Merge Helper.

Mail Merge Toolbar:

  • Click View, then Toolbars.
  • Then click Mail Merge.

Mail Merge Helper:

  • Click Tools, then Customize.
  • Click the Commands tab and select All Commands.
  • Click Mail Merge Helper.
  • Drag Mail Merge Helper to the Letters and Mailings submenu on the Tools menu.
  • Click Close.

How do I mail merge labels in Word?

How does Track Changes work in Microsoft Word?

For information on how tracking changes work in Microsoft Word please visit "Making the Most of Word for your Business."

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