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Resources for Launching Micro-Credentials at SUNY

A Task Group of the Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching and Technology (FACT2) worked diligently to add to resources created by the Micro-Credentialing Task Force and the Office of the Provost that would support campuses in launching SUNY Micro-Credentials. This resource page has been created to give you easy access to all available resources and will be regularly updated.

  1. SUNY Micro-Credential Definition and Glossary - Key to efforts to ensure that students, business and industry partners, K-12 partners, alumni and prospective students understand the value of a SUNY micro-credential is consistent use of the SUNY Micro-Credential Definition and Related Glossary of Terms.

  2. Index of Research and Reports on Micro-Credentials - The initial Task Force report, link below, included an initial literature review. The FACT2 Task Group has added to that resource with a Bibliography of Micro-Credentialing Research, a series of links and references to helpful research and reports on micro-credentials and on digital badging specifically.

  3. Micro-Credential Financial Aid Guidance - This one page guidance document provides an initial overview of Micro-Credential Financial Aid Guidance.

  4. What to Look for in a Badging Provider/Platform - The Transferability and Portability Implementation team has been reviewing all badging providers/platforms. They have created a list of "Desirable Features" that they feel campuses might want to consider in their own reviews. Note: Campuses interested in contracting with a badging provider should contact the Provost's Office for additional information.

  5. Extended Special Pricing Offer from Credly (Updated) - The extended Pricing Agreement from Credly is in place through June 1, 2019. Please note that Credly has recently acquired Acclaim and will be transitioning customers to the Acclaim platform. There are some features available on the Credly platform not currently available on the Acclaim platform. There are a number of new features on the Acclaim platform that weren't available on the Credly platform. Please reach out to the Provost's Office for detailed information about associated opportunities.

  6. Link to Recordings of Professional Development Webinars on the SUNY Policy and How to Get Started (Updated) - New information sessions on Credly have been added and registration is open. In addition, thanks to the FACT2 Task Group and host campuses, as well as the System office of Academic Program Planning and Assessment, a series of professional development webinars have been held and recorded that are designed to provide faculty and staff with an overview of the policy and good ideas for getting started.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions - new FAQ page has been posted to answer common questions about micro-credentials and SUNY's micro-credential policy.

  8. Sample Local Campus Micro-Credential Policies (Updated!) - This is the start of a Campus Policy - Procedures Samples repository detailing how respective institutions will implement their micro-credential programs. These policy/practice documents are not required under the policy; however, several campuses have reported that the collaborative development of these documents helped to answer questions, set goals, and jump-start micro-credential development. We will continue to add to this repository as new information is received.

  9. Report of the SUNY Micro-Credentialing Task Force - The Micro-Credentials Task Force Report, strengthened by a six week-open comment period with the entire University community, is designed to be a key resource for campuses in launching micro-credentials. It describes the thinking behind the SUNY-specific micro-credential definition, details the guiding principles, provides a scan of SUNY and national efforts, and also includes a possible model for campus engagement. The report serves as the foundation of the SUNY Trustees' policy.

  10. Task Force Report Summary - A one page (two-sided) hand-out featuring SUNY Micro-Credentialing Policy Highlights.
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