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Cross Registration Resources

Cross Registration Resources

These resources are intended to help facilitate the cross registration of students between SUNY campuses. Click on the links below to download the documents.

Cross Registration Policies

Cross Registration Memorandum to Presidents, Vol. 17, No.1
This memorandum provides guidance on implementing the SUNY Board of Trustees’ Resolution 2016-65, Cross Registration Policy, adopted on November 3, 2016. The MTP provides implementation guidance and details on a range of issues, including approvals, data and reporting, tuition and state support sharing, billing, and financial aid. Published in July, 2017, Cross Registration MTP Vol. 17, No. 1 supersedes the previous Cross Registration MTP, Vol. 13, No. 1 published in January, 2013.

Financial Aid Consortium Agreement
The Financial Aid Consortium Agreement establishes a university-wide financial aid consortium that enables any SUNY student who is eligible for aid, matriculated in an eligible program, and enrolled at any SUNY campus within the Consortium to register for academic credit with any other SUNY campus(es) within the Consortium and combine the program-applicable credits for financial aid purposes. The Agreement includes eligibility and procedural guidelines for the student, home campus, and host campus.

The Board of Trustees Cross Registration Policy Resolution
The resolution approves principles to guide updates to SUNY’s cross-registration policies and the establishment of a system-wide financial aid consortium.

Cross Registration Resources

These tables list important dates for cross registration across all SUNY campuses, as identified by SUNYRA.

SUNY Cross Registration Contacts 
This table lists campus contacts for registration and billing purposes.

More resources will be posted as they become available. Campus staff that wish to provide additional information or to submit corrections to the resources on this page should contact:

Daniel Knox 
Director of Student Mobility 
SUNY System Administration 
One University Plaza 
Albany, NY 12246 
Phone: 518-320-1155

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