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EnergyCap Utility Tracking For Costs and Usages

EnergyCap, implemented in July 2012, allows SUNY to track the utility usage and costs in greater detail than the previous single page summary reports completed monthly by each campus. Phase 1 of the EnergyCap online system tracks all of the energy and utility costs for each state operated campus, including vehicle fuel, by utility account and location based and building revenue grade meters. Phase 2 of the EnergyCap software allows campuses to break down their detail into more granular information through submeter data and other building information systems. Now campuses can see their complete information in a current and detailed manner which assists them in meeting budget and energy efficiency goals.

This software is also used to assist campus administrators in the auditing and verification of utility information so SUNY correctly reports its usage and costs for other state required programs such as Executive Order 88.

Access to this system is managed through System Administration offices but is available to campus employees and contractors upon approval.

EnergyCap Utility Tracking

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