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Education Pipeline

Education Pipeline

New York State P-TECH Network

New York State P-TECH is an integrated 9-14 model where students earn Associates degrees at no cost to them and are first in line for job opportunities with partner employers. First launched and replicated in New York, the P-TECH model has now been adopted and implemented by school districts in 10 states across the U.S., and in 28 countries around the world.

37 NYS P-TECH partnerships across New York State

23 SUNY College Partners

During the pandemic in 2020, NYS P-TECH schools graduated their first 6-year cohorts of students completing the 9-14 program. Over one-third of the 500 students who were welcomed into the first cohort of NYS P-TECH partnerships In 2014 as high school freshmen have graduated from SUNY with Associates degrees.  The graduation rate for P-TECH students completing their Associate’s degree on time exceeds the national average of on-time community college graduation rates - which is estimated to be as low as 9%.

P-TECH students are graduating with degrees in high-demand Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines including:

On average, P-TECH students earn 33 credits from SUNY colleges by their 4th year of high school. Since national research indicates that 87% of community college students who complete at least 30 college credits are likely to complete their degree, the P-TECH model provides a high level of persistence for students to graduate from college.

P-TECH degrees lead to career opportunities in high-need industries with State and regional industry partners, as well as some of the world’s largest employers.

Tesla hired 15 P-TECH students as Production Associates with full benefits and stock options at its manufacturing plant in Buffalo which produces solar panel products.
IBM has hired a total of 49 P-TECH students in New York for various IT roles.
New York Power Authority recently announced it is partnering with 3 P-TECH schools, offering 100 paid internships, and is seeking to hire graduates for renewable energy and cybersecurity jobs.

The Empire State STEM Learning Network

 statewide network of 10 regional hubs of educators and industry leaders working to engage students in STEM disciplines and prepare them for high-need careers. Highlights include:

Northwell Health, the co-steward of the Long Island STEM Hub, is working with SUNY’s community colleges to develop and expand career pathways for students in healthcare.

Community Colleges