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Student Success Initiatives

Student Success Initiatives

In 2012, major reforms were put in place to address the over-placement of students in remediation at a very high cost with little student success. These research based reforms have been supported by private foundations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kresge, Ascendium and the Education Commission of the States. Results have been impressive:

Engaging Faculty

To build an infrastructure for scale-up and sustainability of student success, SUNY has increased the number of faculty prepared to teach these evidence-based strategies. 475 faculty at 28 colleges are prepared to teach Carnegie Math Pathways and hundreds of faculty at 27 colleges are teaching co-requisite English. More than 20,000 students have been impacted in either English or math or both as of the spring 2020 semester, and these numbers are expected to grow steadily.

Multiple Measures

28 SUNY colleges are now using multiple measures placement (versus placement tests like Accuplacer) which research has shown results in improved placement results for student success. The interest in learning how to apply this student success tool is growing, and professional development for campuses continued through the pandemic.

SUNY supports the NYS Student Success Center, which is one of only 16 state-based virtual centers focused on postsecondary student success in the nation and provides leadership in the Student Success Center Network supported by Jobs for the Future (JFF).

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