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Joseph C. Storch

Joseph C. Storch

Joseph Storch is an Associate Counsel in the SUNY Office of General Counsel and Chair of the Student Affairs Practice Group. He concentrates his practice on student affairs, intellectual property, and campus safety and serves as Principal Investigator on more than $9 million in grants and external funding to support innovations in violence prevention and response on campuses and in the community. He oversees the SUNY Student Conduct Institute, which offers compliance and best practice training to college staff engaged in response to violence and conduct violations. Joe has provided live training to thousands of higher education professionals in over 25 U.S. states, manages a webinar series that reaches thousands of professionals annually, furnishes technical guidance to numerous education institutions, organizations, and associations, and has twice served as an expert witness before the United States Senate (Armed Services, 2019; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, 2016). He regularly advises legislators and staff at the federal and state level on best practices in drafting and analyzing pending domestic and international campus violence prevention legislation. In 2014, Joe received the Commissioner’s Award from the State University Police for contributions to safety on campus. In 2015, he served as a technical adviser to the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, developing comprehensive legislation enacted in July 2015 as Article 129-B of the Education Law (also called “Enough is Enough”) and has since served as principal author on guidance issued to implement that law. That same year, the National Association of College & University Attorneys awarded him its First Decade Award. Beginning in 2016, Joe has overseen the SUNY’s Got Your Back program which has provided over 100,000 comfort bags to victims and survivors of violence, while educating thousands of students and community members. In 2017, the One Love Foundation recognized his work in relationship violence prevention with its Unsung Hero Award and in 2018 the Pride Center of the Capital Region awarded him its Straight But Not Narrow award. Joe is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of SUNY Oswego where he served as Vice President of the Student Association, of the University at Albany with a Masters of Public Policy, and of Cornell Law School where he served as Moot Court Board Chancellor. After graduating, he clerked for the New York State Appellate Division, 3rd Department. Joe served four years as Executive Editor of the Student Affairs Compliance Report & Analysis and is the author of more than 70 articles and book chapters in law reviews, practitioner journals, and popular media, most centering around campus safety or copyright law.

Recent publications:

Risk Management Considerations Regarding the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Title IX When Students Study Abroad
- University Risk Management & Insurance Association © 2016.

3-D Printing Your Way Down the Garden Path: 3-D Printers, the Copyrightization of Patents, and a Method for Manufacturers to Avoid the Entertainment Industry’s Fate
- NYU Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law (JIPEL) © 2014.


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