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Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee listserv*:

*Note:  you must be a member of the Inclusion Committee to send or receive email with this address.

The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee will concern itself with issues pertaining to equity, inclusiveness and access, as they are reflected in the curriculum, student body, and personnel of the State University.  Among the activities of this committee will be collecting and disseminating information, organizing periodic meetings and workshops, and providing guidance and recommendations to the Senate so that it may act with the best intentions of all people in mind.

Committee Reports   Resources

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee


Timothy Gerken, Chair
Morrisville State College

Timothy Chevral
University at Buffalo

Rachelann Copland
Morrisville State College

Sherri Darrow
University at Buffalo

Dana Haugh
Stony Brook University

Mary Irving
SUNY Cobleskill

Jill Locascio
SUNY Optometry

Gloria Lopez
SUNY System Administration

Carlos Medina
SUNY System Admin

Yvonne Nathan
Downstate Medical Center

Laura Pierie
Morrisville State College

Danna Prather
Suffolk County Community College

Ronald Saletsky
Upstate Medical University

Justin Waryold
Stony Brook University

Pamela Wolfskill
Stony Brook University



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Diversity Committee Report Fall 2013‌ (Maritime)

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Diversity Committee Report Winter 2013‌ (Oneonta)

Diversity Committee Report Fall 2012‌ (Oswego)

Diversity Committee Report Spring 2012 (Geneseo)

Diversity Committe Report - Winter 2012 (Cornell Plenary)

Diversity Committee Report - Fall 2011 (Purchase Plenary)

Diversity Committee Annual Report 2009-10

Diversity Committee Report - Winter 2010

Diversity Committee Report - Spring 2009

Diversity Committee Report - Winter 2009 


Access, Equity and Excellence and The Public University

Public Hearing of the Assembly Standing Committee on Higher Education

The Office of Diversity and Educational Equity (ODEE) - Established

2008-09 Budget Request

2008-09 Budget Initiatives

ODEE Article - UFS Bulletin spring 2008

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