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What is Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)?

In a nutshell: COIL is about connecting across difference.

COIL connects you and a colleague in another country to develop collaborative projects that your students do together across time zones, language differences and geographical distance using online tools. It becomes one aspect of your course, supporting your student learning goals, giving you and your students the opportunity to engage hands-on with your course concepts and new ideas and – most importantly – exploring them from different cultural perspectives.

About the SUNY COIL Center

In addition to its primary focus on intercultural exchange, the COIL Center is dedicated to working with SUNY campuses and institutions around the world to promote the design, delivery, and recognition of Global Learning experiences. The COIL Center's work promotes alignment with Applied and Experiential Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Digital Badging and Microcredentials.

More information about the COIL Center's Microcredentials for Global Learning.


We envision a world free from implicit bias, where people engage across differences to fully connect with others. We believe that an educational environment that fosters shared values, mutual understanding, and critical digital literacy, and which promotes interaction across boundaries to develop leadership, collaborative problem solving and contextualized decision making, will make this vision a reality. 


To cultivate an engaged educational environment by providing the resources, support, and professional network to enable educators and institutions to incorporate virtual engagement opportunities for all students and faculty. We do this by:

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2020-21 COIL Professional Development Schedule

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