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Microcredentials for Global Learning

Cross-Cultural Teamwork headshot
Cross-Cultural Teamwork
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Badge Definition

Individual is able to build collaborative relationships and work within a team structure that includes persons from diverse backgrounds (cultures, ages, genders, religions, lifestyles and/or viewpoints).

Criteria to be assessed

  • Demonstrates awareness of different work styles and their cultural underpinnings.
  • Builds collaborative relations and manages conflicts within a team.
  • Actively contributes to meeting a diverse team’s goals.

Microcredentials - Cross Cultural Teamwork Criteria

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Global Awareness and Self in the World headshot
Global Awareness and Self in the World
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Capacity to operate in different cultural contexts with awareness of one’s own cultural background and characteristics.

Criteria to be assessed

  • Analyzes how culture contributes to one’s identity and view of the world.
  • Demonstrates awareness of one’s own culture contributions to an intercultural situation.
  • Demonstrates curiosity about one’s own and other cultures and desire to expand intercultural engagement.
  • Incorporates diverse perspectives in decision making

Microcredentials - Global Awareness Criteria

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Intercultural Communication headshot
Intercultural Communication
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Ability to communicate effectively across cultures, including the use of relevant technology.

Criteria to be assessed

  • Expresses thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively inside and outside one’s own culture (in written and oral communication).
  • Demonstrates ability to identify different cultural landscapes and communicate appropriately, both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Demonstrates ability to adapt communication style to a variety of modes of communication.

Microcredentials - Intercultural Communication Criteria

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