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Adriana Jimenez

Staff - Office of International Programs

Adriana Jiménez

Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean

Adriana Jiménez came to SUNY in 2007, after having worked seven years at the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT), Mexico's National Science Foundation. At the CONACYT, Adriana edited scientific journals, and earlier as administrative staff, she assisted Mexican research scholars abroad, attended to CONACYT agreements with foreign universities, repatriations of scientists. She received her degree in Marketing, MBA and specialization in process improvement and redesign from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM).

She does administrative and operative support to the State University of New York's programs in Mexico, the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean region. She, under the direction of the Director of SUNY's Office for Latin America & the Caribbean (OLAC) and the SUNY Office of Global Affairs (OGA), works on the development of undergraduate and graduate collaborative academic programs as well as other forms of cooperation between universities in the region and SUNY campuses. 

A few tasks within Adriana's porfolio include: programs with national and regional/state government agencies, such as CONACYT and SEP in Mexico, to further SUNY objectives as needed, and providing administrative and logistical support for several OLAC programs such as the COIL Latin America Academies.  She also assists the director in maintaining regular contact with U.S. Embassy personnel to inform them of SUNY activities and work with them on joint projects.  Adriana also assists the director in maintaining key relationships with other U.S. organizations, such as COMEXUS and 11E, and provides assistance to students and researchers from the region set to study on SUNY campuses.  Lastly, she represents the university at educational, career and trade fairs, as well as providing guidance and assistance to prospective students, she is responsible for greeting visitors.  She represents the Director of SUNY OLAC at meetings and events he designates and provides administrative and financial support for SUNY OLAC.

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