Learning Through Development

Global Learning for All: in Fulfillment to SUNY’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion


Access to global learning for all


Content that is real-world, real-time, experiential

The pressing problems of humanity are the shared responsibility of us all and will ultimately affect us all -- we all need to work together on finding solutions.

Learning Through Development

  • Learn about the challenges humanity faces
  • Work together with local partners and community members to overcome development challenges with sustainable solutions
  • Bring transformation mindset home to inform teaching, research and other endeavors

Who are the beneficiaries?


LEARN BY DOING = lessons that transform
Learn to live and work in a globalized world
Learn intercultural competence
Learn about life in non-English-speaking environment
Learn about daily the developing world
Learn the world citizen’s responsibility for working to overcome inequality


Institutional internationalization through enriched curriculum and campus life
Expanded high impact experiences lead to improved student engagement and retention
Expanded possibilities for research and research partnerships
Greater opportunities for education abroad, service learning and student research serve as recruitment tools


Strengthens and expands effort to institutionalize global learning for all in fulfillment of SUNY’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

Underlines SUNY’s commitment to its hemisphere and to the places of origin of New York’s contemporary immigrant communities, strengthening relevance of global education opportunities


Benefit from a more informed, inclusive, and ultimately prosperous, society through the global and intercultural engagement of its citizenry and workforce


Colleges and universities are well-poised to engage in development work as an integral part of their core mission of teaching, inquiry and service.

Why Partner With Us?

Partnerships are central to higher education’s global engagement

Universities house a broad array of specialized expertise

Service to community is inherent to public land-grant mission and faculty and students are naturally motivated to serve

Spirit of inquiry is the essence of the university mission

Colleges have convening power at home and abroad

Higher education institutions
are characterized by
deliberateness, stability and longevity

Tertiary institutions benefit from real-world engagement just as much as they provide value to the communities served thus we observe a mutuality of benefit

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