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November 4, 2010

State Relations Update - Nov. 4, 2010

Election Results -

With 62 days till the State of the State, the final political structure of the State Legislature remains to be determined.  Although all five statewide elected offices and the State Assembly are in control of the Democrats, the outcome of the State Senate majority remains an open question.  The Assembly majority remains solidly Democrat with 98 members, even though that total is down from the 105 members currently serving.  The following summary provides an overview of the Statewide and Legislative elections and make-up of both the Senate and Assembly.

Statewide -

Governor-elect, Andrew Cuomo; Lt. Govenor-elect Robert Duffy; Attorney General-elect, Eric Schneiderman; Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli; Senator Charles Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

State Senate –

comprised of 62 senators, the current 2011 political distribution is 30 Republican and 29 Democrats with three seats undecided as they are too close to call.  The three seats pending a recount which will determine the balance of power include the following:

7th SD - Senator Craig Johnson (D) vs. Jack Martins (R)
37th SD- Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D) vs. Bob Cohen (R)
60th SD - Senator Antoine Thompson (D) vs. Mark Grisanti (R)   

If the Senate incumbents who are "too close to call" prevail, the Senate could result in a 31-31 tie.  The new lieutenant governor elect, Robert Duffy (D), could break ties on procedural matters, but not break ties on legislation. This situation would necessitate some form of a power-sharing arrangement that was suggested when a similar state of affairs existed in 2009. But this scenario remains doubtful.

The following newly elected Senators represent the Class of 2011:

3rd SD Lee Zeldin (R) defeated Brian Foley (D)
11th SD Tony Avella (D) defeated Frank Padavan (R)
12th SD Michael Gianaris (D) replaced George Onorato (D) who retired
31st SD Adriano Espaillat (D) replaced Eric Schneiderman (D) who was elected AG
33rd SD J. Gustavo Rivera (D) replaced Pedro Espada who was defeated in primary
38th SD David Carlucci (D) replaced the late Senator Tom Morahan
40th SD Greg Ball (R) replaced Vincent Leibel (R) who was elected Putnam County Executive
48th SD Patricia Ritchie (R) defeated Darrel Aubertine (D)
53rd SD Thomas O’Mara (R) replaced George Winner (R) who retired
58th SD Timothy Kennedy (D) defeated Senator Bill Stachowski (D)
59th SD Patrick Gallivan (R) replaced Dale Volker (R) who retired

State Assembly –

comprised of 150 assemblymembers with the Democrats firmly in control even though the Republican Minority captured seven seats currently held by Democrats.

The following newly elected Assemblyments represent the Class of 2011:

5th AD Alfred Graf (R) defeated Ginny Fields (D) 
21st AD Edward Ra (R) replaced Thomas Alfano (R) who retired 
26th AD Edward Braunstein (D) replaced Ann Margaret Carrozza (D) who retired
36th AD Aravella Simotas (D) replaced Michael Gianaris (D) who was elected to the 12th SD
39th AD  Francisco Moya (D) replaced Jose Peralta (D) who was elected to the 13th SD earlier this year
60th AD Nicole Malliotakis (R) defeated Janele Hyer-Spencer (D)
68th AD Robert Rodriguez (D) replaced Adam Clayton Powell (D) who lost 15th CD primary
72nd AD Guillermo Linares (D) replaced Adriano Espaillat (D) who was elected to the 31st SD
79th AD Eric Stevenson (D) replaced Michael Benjamin (D) who retired
92nd AD Thomas Abinanti (D) replaced Richard Brodsky (D) who lost AG primary
99th AD Steve Katz (R) replaced Greg Ball (R) who was elected to the 40th SD
108th AD Steve McLaughlin (R) defeated Tim Gordon (D)
119th AD Sam Roberts (D) replaced Joan Christensen (D) who retired
122nd AD Kenneth Blankenbush (R) replaced Diedre Scozzafava (R) who retired
131st AD Harry Bronson (D) replaced Susan John (D) who retired
135th AD Mark Johns (R) defeated David Koon (D)
136th AD Phillip Palmesano (R) replaced James Bacalles (R) who lost the 53rd SD primary
137th AD Christopher Friend (R) replaced Thomas O'Mara (R) who was elected to the 53rd SD
138th AD John Ceretto (R) defeated Francine DelMonte (D)
146th AD Kevin Smardz (R) replaced Jack Quinn (R) who lost the 58th SD general election
150th AD Andrew Goodell (R) replaced Bill Parment (D) who retired

Pending re-canvassing of ballots:
1st AD Assemblyman Marc Alessi (D) vs. Daniel Losquadro (R)
100th AD Assemblyman Frank Skartados (D) vs. Tom Kirwan (R)
109th AD- Assemblyman Robert Reilly (D) vs. Jennifer Whalen (R)
121st AD Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D) vs. Donald Miller (R)

Action Required -

While we have heard from a couple of presidents that they have already taken the initiative to send congratulatory letters to their local state legislative delegations, we would respectfully ask that each of you send a congratulatory letter to your state senators and assemblymembers noting in the letter the importance of supporting public higher education in NYS.  We suggest that no specific reference to PHEEIA be made, but a general tone of the need to address higher educational reforms to propel the University to not only serve the students who are seeking a higher education and but also to spur economic development in our host communities and beyond.

New Legislative SUNY Alumni -

To date, we have identified the following new 2011 Legislators as SUNY alumni. Additional information is always welcome.
 3rd SD Lee Zeldin - UAlbany
 38th SD David Carlucci - Rockland CC
 48th SD  Patricia Ritchie - Potsdam
 1st AD   Daniel Losquadro - Stony Brook
 5th AD   Al Graf - Plattsburgh
 121st AD Donald Miller - UB


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