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Tobacco-Free SUNY Independent Evaluator

Independent Evaluator

In order to support Tobacco-Free SUNY as it moves forward, SUNY has asked an independent evaluator, University of Kentucky, to assist with a confidential/secure volunteer student survey to help evaluate students’ understanding of the tobacco-free policy implementation across the system. This information will be invaluable as SUNY strives to meet students’ needs and continues to build momentum toward 100% tobacco-free SUNY.

Why University of Kentucky?

They have been effective tobacco-free champions in the midst of tobacco country.  Since 2005, the University of Kentucky through, The Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy (KCSP), provides internationally known policy advocacy, dissemination research, and community engagement and serves community advocates, organizations, and policymakers as they promote and implement smoke- and tobacco-free policies. KCSP is known for producing credible, high quality health and economic outcome studies, air quality monitoring, policy analysis, and evidence-based policy advocacy to support smoke-free legislation and tobacco-free campus policies. Using a unique blend of advocacy, outcomes research, air quality monitoring, and stakeholder engagement, KCSP has changed the culture of expectations by assisting most of the 42 smoke-free Kentucky communities. KCSP provides highly effective and timely expert technical assistance to Kentucky’s communities, policymakers, and higher education and healthcare institutions as they embark on policy change that will save lives and healthcare dollars. In addition, KCSP provides a critical function by monitoring the activities of well-funded industries that vigorously oppose and undermine health policies.

KCSP promotes responsive health policy change by:

  1. providing an information clearinghouse on tobacco exposure, policy development, grassroots organizing, legal/regulatory issues, and translational research;
  2. partnering with community stakeholders to build capacity and demand for smoke-free air;
  3. conducting policy analysis to highlight the problem at the local level and statewide; and
  4. translating and disseminating data for policymakers, the media, and community stakeholders. Community advocates, policymakers, and the media rely on KCSP for user-friendly, readily available resources to move health policy forward.
Office of Academic Health and Hospital Affairs