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Previous CID Awards

Conversations in the Disciplines Awards


Jessy Alexander
SUNY Buffalo
Fueling Conversation in Complement

Marlene Belfort
SUNY Albany
Workshop for Interaction and Scientific Collaboration: Sex, Genes, and Behavior

Timothy W. Gerken
Morrisville State College
Developing and Assessing Diversity Learning Outcomes

Margaret Kaplan
SUNY Downstate
Health Care Disparities and People Living with Disabilities

Ilka Kressner
SUNY Albany
Views from Below: The Underdog in Contemporary Latin American and Spanish Film

Joelle Leclaire
Buffalo State College
The 6th Cross-Border Post Keynesian Conference: Populism, Heterodoxy, and Globalism

Shuhong Luo
Upstate Medical University
Best Use Technologies in Health Care Education and Practice

Sarfraz Mian
SUNY Oswego
Business Incubators and NYS: New Strategies for Socio-Economic Renewal

Nadia Rubaii
Binghamton University
Cutting Edge Approaches to the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocity

Hiroki Sayama
Binghamton University
Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems (NERCCS)

Susan Terwilliger
Binghamton University
Lifespan Transitions: Adolescents and Young Adults with ASD

Holly Wheeler
Monroe Community College
Essential Discussion: Using Non-cognitive Factors to Improve Student Success

Reva Wolf
SUNY New Paltz
Displaying Warhol: Exhibition as Interpretation



Jennifer Ashton
The College at Brockport
Disability Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Anna Battigelli
SUNY Plattsburgh
Jane Austen and the Arts

Lisa Blitz
Binghamton University
Interprofessional Dialogues Promoting Racial Equity

Marilynn Desmond
Binghamton University
The Pre-Modern Book in a Global Context: Materiality and Visuality

James R. Ebert
SUNY Oneonta
External Factors Influencing SUNY Geoscience in the 21st Century

David Hostler
University at Buffalo
Emergency Care in the Streets: Launching a Prehospital Care Research Consortium

Susan G. Letcher
Purchase College
The Creative Process in the Arts and Sciences

Supriya Mahajan
University at Buffalo
Interdisciplinary Conversations in Blood Brain Barrier Re-modeling

Melanie A. Medeiros
SUNY Geneseo
Cuba at the Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Contemporary Cuba

Melissa A. Menasco
Buffalo State College
Human Trafficking: Strategies for a Solution

Jie Zhang
The College at Brockport
Conversations on the Disciplinary Challenges in the Age of Hybrid/Blended Courses



Stephanie Phillips
SUNY Buffalo
Launching SUNY Initiatives on Mindfulness and Health  

Benjamin Junge
SUNY New Paltz
New Horizons for HIV Prevention:A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxi

Nadia Ruball
Binghamton University
Global Perspectives on 21st Century Governance Challenges: Promoting Peace & Diversity

Rachel Ablow
University at Buffalo
Pain: An Interdisciplinary Conference

Bat-Ami Bar On
Binghamton University
Symposium on "Human Migrations and the Borders"

Francisco Ordonez
Stony Brook University
Arabic Romance Linguistics Workshop

Elizabeth A. Mellin
Binghamton University
Disproportionately in School Discipline: A SUNY CoP

Stephen P. Welter
Environmental Science & Forestry
Reinventing the Library: The Future Role of Libraries in SUNY and Beyond

Roberto Velez-Velez
SUNY New Paltz
Translating Memory and Remembrance Across the Disciplines