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Food Service

Guidelines for Food Service at Meetings & Events

Effective 10/2012

Funding for food must be considered a last resort.

It is important to contain food service costs. Planning reasonably-priced menus and ordering quantities that can be fully consumed helps reduce cost and waste.


Unless absolutely necessary to do otherwise, schedule meetings between 9AM and 1PM or 1PM and 5PM to avoid meeting over lunch.

Here are the maximum allowable food service costs for catered food at a typical meeting held at a SUNY location, e.g., u-wide meeting, training session, seminar, etc at System Administration, campus or other SUNY facility:

Morning Refreshments for meetings that begin before 10:00 am (food, beverages & delivery) $6 per person*
Lunch (food, beverages & delivery) $17 per person*
Afternoon Refreshments for meetings that end after 4:00 pm (food, beverages & delivery) $5 per person*

* add 35% geographic differential for greater NYC area


The cost of food service for an event will vary depending on the event goals, location and needs of the attendees. Submit the proposed menu and costs with the Food Service Approval Form.

Restaurant Meals

Occasionally business meetings with small groups may take place at restaurants as opposed to normal business office locations. When this occurs, it is essential that only allowable costs under State guidelines are incurred (no alcohol is permitted). All attempts should be made to keep costs to a minimum and not incur excessive charges.

Purchasing Guidelines