4-27-20 Response Tracking

One-Stop Resource for Tracking Class Action Lawsuits and Institutional Responses to Coronavirus Pandemic

Every day, we read new reports of class action lawsuits filed against colleges and universities based on their response to the COVID-19 and Coronavirus Pandemic. We also learn of new initiatives to retain students and encourage enrollment in the upcoming semesters, whether online, on-campus, or through a hybrid approach.

The news cycle is overwhelming. To provide a one-step resource for this flood of information, we have created two documents for readers that we will regularly update as these issues development.

First, we are monitoring legal complaints filed in federal and state courts by students and parents against colleges and universities seeking the reimbursement of tuition, fees, and room and board after the nationwide shutdowns in March 2020.

Class Action Lawsuits in Response to the Transition to Online Learning in the Wake of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic

Second, we are compiling publicly-available information on colleges and universities’ responses to the pandemic. Our sample includes information on institutions that have (1) provided refunds and/or credits for room and board for Spring 2020, (2) provided forms of tuition refunds and/or credits for Spring 2020, (3) provided financial incentives for students to attend Summer 2020 courses, (4) provided financial incentives for students to attend Fall 2020 courses, and (5) developed policies to incentivize enrollment in Fall 2020. Where we have identified clear public statements from university officials about their re-opening plans for Fall 2020, we have also included that information. This list is only a small sample of publicly-available data and will be updated as more data comes to light.

2020-21 Policy Changes

Please note that this spreadsheet reflects only a small sample of the higher education landscape. Readers who have additional information they would like to enter on these databases, or any corrections or clarifications, may share it with the editors by emailing studentconductinstitute@suny.edu.