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Fire Safety At Student Housing Facilities

Fire Safety At Student Housing Facilities


The health and safety of our campus community is of paramount importance. A Campus’ Fire Safety Program (FSP) should encompass safety systems inspection and testing; fire safety training; written policies and procedures; quality assurance review; recordkeeping; and reporting. While this document includes recommendations relating to these areas, they are not comprehensive and do not address all requirements but rather represent key operational activities and controls.

Audit Guidance

Fire Safety Systems Inspection and Testing

Campuses should:

Fire Safety Training and Awareness

Campuses should:

Policies, Procedures, and Quality Assurance Review

Campuses should develop:


Campuses should ensure:

Reporting in the Annual Fire Safety Report

Campuses should ensure the following are included in the Annual Fire Safety Report (FSR):

Download a copy of these guidelines:  Word | PDF

For more information:

Office of the University Auditor
State University Plaza, Room N120
Albany, NY 12246

University Audit

Useful Links:

Federal & SUNY Compliance Regulations for Fire Safety:
Higher Education Opportunity Act Section. 488

CFR Title 34-Education: Part 668.49-Institutional Fire Safety Policies & Fire Statistics

SUNY Policy #3451: Minimum Living Standards

Helpful Guide for Reporting Requirements (Fire Log & FSR):
The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting

State Law on Fire Drill Requirements:
NYS Education Law Section: 807-Fire Drills

State Guidelines for Fire Safety Training:
NYS Campus Fire Safety Training Guidelines

State Law on Fire Inspection at Colleges:
NYS Education Law Section: 807B-College Fire Inspections

Did you know...

SUNY System Administration has an office to help with your fire safety efforts? Check them out at:
Environmental Health & Safety