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Academic Program Planning

Academic Program Planning

This site provides support for SUNY faculty and administrators responsible for proposing to create, revise, deactivate or discontinue credit-bearing academic programs, and for other requests for the review and approval of the SUNY Provost.

‌‌November 8, 2013 Letter to Campuses

Find your Campus Reviewer

Campus Reviewers help with all phases of academic program planning. Contact them at or via their personal emails and phones.

Guide to Academic Program Planning‌‌

This guide provides an overview of SUNY’s academic program planning to complement the detailed policy and procedural information on each academic program form.  The guide summarizes procedures for creating, revising, deactivating (suspending), discontinuing (ending) credit-bearing academic programs, as well as procedures for off-campus instructional locations in New York State and beyond.

Academic Program Planning Forms

Each academic program planning form requests detailed information required for SUNY and/or the State Education Department and contains detailed instructions in the form of notes and hyperlinks.

Links to Online Resources

Links provide direct access to policies, procedures, data sources and other resources related to academic program planning in SUNY and New York State.

Programs Leading to Certification for Classroom Teachers, School or District Leaders, or Pupil Personnel Services Professionals

Special forms and guidance apply to programs leading to New York State certification for classroom teachers, school or district leaders, or pupil personnel services professionals. These forms and guidance are still being developed. Campuses should continue using existing forms until the new ones are available. For assistance, contact Dr. David Cantaffa.

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