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Academic Program Planning: COVID-19 Resources

SUNY's Response to COVID-19 - Health Alert  

Resources for Remote Learning

SUNY Conversations with Program Reviewers (CPR)

DateDescriptionZoom RecordingSlides
03/17/20 Academic Continuity Q & A Zoom-March 17 CPR_20200317_Slides
03/24/20 Policy and Guidance Updates Zoom-March 24 CPR_20200324_Slides 
03/31/20 Clinical, Laboratory, Field-Based, and Applied Learning Zoom-March 31 CPR_20200331_Slides 
04/07/20 Policy Updates and Engaging Students in Remote Learning Zoom-April 7 CPR_20200407_Slides
04/14/20 Academic Continuity Q & A - updated Zoom-April 14 CPR_20200414_Slides
04/21/20 Remote Learning Zoom-April 21 CPR_20200421_Slides
04/28/20 Continuity of Assessment Zoom-April 28 CPR_20200428_Slides
05/05/20 Reimagining Laboratory Learning via Remote Instruction Zoom-May 5 CPR_20200505_Slides
05/12/20 NYSED Updates and Guest Participants; Middle States Operational Updates; Campus Support Needs for Fall 2020: Survey Zoom-May 12 CPR_20200512_Slides
5/19/20 Remote Learning in the Performing Arts Zoom-May 19 CPR_20200519_Slides
5/26/20 Hyflex, Blendflex, and Online Synchronous (offered by the SUNY Center for Professional Development in collaboration with the SUNY Online team) Zoom-May 26 CPD_20200526_Slides

Academic Continuity Guidance

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