Procedural Guidance - Section B

B. SUNY General Education Credit and Category Requirements

The SUNY General Education framework is foundational in nature and relevant to every student seeking a SUNY undergraduate degree, while being consistent with institutional accreditation requirements[5] and applicable New York State Education Department curriculum expectations.[6]

In both associate- and baccalaureate-degree programs, SUNY General Education helps prepare students for upper-division study across the liberal arts and sciences as well as requirements in the major. Consistent with SUNY’s commitment to seamless transfer and student completion and success, campuses must ensure that students can complete the applicable SUNY GE requirements within the first 60 credits of undergraduate-degree programs, as specified below:

For AA-, AS-, BA-, and BS-degree programs, the following credit and category requirements apply:

For specialized baccalaureate-degree programs (BBA, BE, BFA, BPS, BTech, etc.), the following credit and category requirements apply:

Consistent with SUNY’s commitment to establish a strong foundation for every SUNY student seeking an undergraduate degree, along with institutional accreditation expectations and NYSED degree requirements, the campus’ required general education program also must be included in AAS degrees.

For AAS-degree programs, the following credit and category requirements apply:

Students in AOS-degree programs must also meet the campus general education program’s required knowledge, skills, and competencies. Whether accomplished by designating freestanding SUNY GE approved liberal arts and sciences courses and/or embedding required general education content into applied courses, curriculum mapping will help ensure the institution can demonstrate where required general education instruction is taking place and assessed.

For AOS-degree programs, the following credit and category requirements apply:

The table below is adapted from the NYSED Policy Statement on Liberal Arts and Sciences,[7] which provides guidance intended to assist institutions of higher education in New York State in meeting the requirements of the Rules of the Board of Regents, Section 3.47 (c). The SUNY General Education framework requirements are consistent with applicable NYSED Regulations and curriculum expectations.

Table 1. NYSED and SUNY General Education Framework Required LAS Credits, Minimum Knowledge and Skills Areas, and Core Competencies


*For specialized baccalaureate degrees, at least 20 credits and a minimum of the four specifically required knowledge and skills areas must be completed during the first 60 credits of study.

As shown in the table above, specific proportions of LAS are required in state regulation for various degree types. These requirements help to ensure breadth of study integral to a program of general education. It should be noted, however, that in some extenuating circumstances, when necessary (e.g., to meet program accreditation requirements), general education learning outcomes may need to be incorporated into courses in the major. In such cases, the campus must ensure that minimum LAS requirements are satisfied. The campus should confer with its assigned SUNY program reviewer/liaison, as needed.

Note that a course approved to meet a core competency does not count toward the SUNY GE credit requirement unless the course also satisfies the learning outcomes in one or more knowledge and skills area(s).  

[5] Middle States Commission on Higher Education