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Micro-credential Definition

Micro-Credential Definition and Terms

Despite efforts for consistency nationally, there remain many varying answers to the question, "What is a micro-credential?"

Through a collaborative process, endorsed by the SUNY Trustees, there is now a SUNY definition of micro-credentials, designed to distinguish SUNY’s efforts and ensure that the rigor and quality of its micro-credentials are the same as with every type of credential SUNY offers.

SUNY Micro-Credentials:

Taxonomy of Terms

The following list provides the SUNY community with a common taxonomy around micro-credentials, building on the quality work of the Lumina Foundation and others.[1]  Note: This list may be expanded or revised over time.

Examples of Trademarked Micro-Credential Titles


[1] All definitions are based on Lumina/Connecting Credentials, save certificate (New York State Education Department); and MOOC (Educause)

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