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Micro-Credential Information Sessions

Micro-Credential Information Sessions

Launching Micro‐Credentials!

Dr. Ken Lindblom, Dean, School of Professional Development & Associate Professor of English at Stony Brook University and Ms. Cynthia Proctor, Director of Communications and Academic Policy Development, Office of the Provost, SUNY System, discuss key findings of the Micro‐Credentialing Task Force, the flexibility of the SUNY Trustee Policy, and a look at the exciting work done to date with Stony Brook University’s broad digital badging program. Held February 20, 2018.

Link to Webinar Recording:

FACT2 Micro‐Credentials Spring 2018 Webinar Series

This free webinar series, organized by the FACT2 Task Group on Micro‐Credentials, provides information on why you might consider adopting a micro‐credential program, and how you may do so effectively.

a) The Nuts and Bolts of Micro‐Credentialing

Held February 6, 2018 (12‐1pm)
Webinar Recording:

b) Alfred State

Held February 13, 2018 (12‐12:30pm)
Webinar Recording:

c) Stony Brook University

Held March 6, 2018 (12‐12:30pm)
Webinar Recording:

d) University at Albany

Held March 27, 2018 (12‐12:30pm)
Webinar Recording:

e) Hudson Valley Educational Consortium

Held April 4 (12 ‐ 12:30 pm)
Webinar Recording:

f) University at Buffalo

Held April 17 (12‐12:30)
Webinar Recording:

g) Getting Started in Micro‐Credentialing

Held April 25 (12‐1pm)
Webinar Recording:

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