Student Mobility

Student Mobility

Transfer Information for Students

The SUNY Office of Enrollment Management Services maintains comprehensive information for transfer students on transfer policies, programs, course equivalencies, and web-based tools for academic planning.

In an effort to improve Student Mobility, the Office of the Provost is continually developing policies, procedures, systems and services to make SUNY the most transfer friendly higher education system in the country. This web page is intended to provide campus staff and administrators with information pertinent to student mobility and transfer.

SUNY Transfer Paths

The Transfer Paths summarize the common lower division requirements shared by all SUNY campuses for similar majors within most disciplines.  These courses are guaranteed to transfer across the SUNY system within each discipline.

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Course Information

General Education

Policies, Procedures, and Resources

Approved SUNY-GER Course Dashboards
These dashboards are the source of record for all SUNY approved general education courses.

Submit General Education Courses for Approval
The Course Submission and Evaluation System (CourSES) is an online application that is designed to allow campuses to look up SUNY-Approved GER courses, submit GER courses for approval, check on the status of pending approvals, and communicate with reviewers in the Office of the Provost. Approved courses are automatically integrated with the SUNY warehouse data submitted through SIRIS. CourSES updates and replaces all previous methods of general education course approval, and is the only accepted method of submitting courses.

Transfer Path Courses

Student Mobility Dashboard
This dashboard is the source of record for campus courses designated as Transfer Path courses.  Users can sort by sector, campus, academic discipline and course.  These courses are guaranteed to transfer across the SUNY system within each discipline.

Submit Transfer Path Courses
Additions, modifications and deletions of campus Transfer Path courses must be vetted through an appropriate oversight process on the campus. Once courses have been locally approved, please use the Transfer Path Course Adjustment Form to submit your requests.

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View and download SUNY policy documents that guarantee the transfer of credits for general education courses and courses taken in the first two years in the most frequently transferred majors.

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Student Appeals Process

The Student Transfer Appeal Process is available for students who do not agree with a decision related to the conferring or placement of transfer credit for by their current SUNY college for credit earned at a prior SUNY institution.

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SUNY Campus Appeals Process

The Campus Appeals Process is available for SUNY faculty or administrators to initiate an appeal to the SUNY Office of the Provost for matters relating to the implementation of Seamless Transfer policies. Issues that may be appealed include the transfer of guaranteed courses (i.e. Transfer Path or General Education courses), the inclusion of courses within the Transfer Path or General Education course database, courses with similar curricular content that fall outside the Transfer Path or General Education database, and other issues pertaining to transfer student success. Appeals may only be submitted regarding transfer issues between SUNY institutions, and do not pertain to non-SUNY public or private institutions.

Please note that campus appeals must be submitted via the SUNY Seamless Transfer Campus Appeals Form‌ and include the signature of the SUNY Campus Chief Administrative or Academic Officer/Provost.

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Campus Contacts

General Education Campus Representatives
Can provide detailed information about a particular campus's general education program.

Transfer admissions contacts
A list of campus transfer admissions contacts maintained by the Office of Enrollment Management.

Student Mobility Steering Committee makes recommendations to the SUNY Provost on all matters concerning the ability of students to transfer from one campus to another within SUNY as prescribed by SUNY Board of Trustees Policy.

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Report an Issue

The Office of the Provost invites SUNY stakeholders to report issues or concerns with seamless transfer via email to:

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