11-29-18 Working Intentionally

November 29, 2018

Working Intentionally With International and Queer Students and Survivors

11:00 am | 1 hr


Nastia Gorodilova  (They, Them, Theirs)
Technical Assistance Coordinator
New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

How can we thoughtfully and intentionally create targeted response and primary prevention services for student populations considered to be "high risk"?

This training will encourage participants to consider their own positionality and how this impacts both primary prevention trainings and intervention work, as well as providing tips for creating buy-in and decreasing pushback from student populations. The need for targeted prevention programming and informed direct services for these populations will be demonstrated, as well as the additional barriers faced by international and queer students and student survivors. Student populations are not monolithic, so the resources we offer cannot be either.