Compliance Program

The State University of New York is committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and SUNY policies and procedures. The State University of New York has established the Compliance Steering Committee to coordinate SUNY's numerous existing compliance efforts and to provide senior leadership with a comprehensive view of SUNY's compliance activities. The Committee will assist the Board in overseeing SUNY’s compliance program with respect to compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities, and minimizing SUNY’s risk.

The Committee will not assume the duties of the various substantive compliance areas, and all ongoing compliance activities will continue in their existing reporting structure. Rather, the Committee’s role will be to coordinate and monitor these efforts and assess University-wide performance, making recommendations for change and enhancement where necessary. It is expected that the SUNY Compliance Program will be an evolving process and additional resources will be needed to enhance SUNY's centralized compliance efforts over time.


Training Announcements

JCOPE Comprehensive Ethics Training:
In addition to local training, SUNY System Administration has begun to offer JCOPE Comprehensive Ethics Training webinar sessions for campuses to access and utilize for their own JCOPE training purposes.  These sessions are being held every other month. The webinar trainings are being facilitated by the Office of U-Wide Human Resources, the Office of General Counsel, the Compliance Office, and the Office of Information Technology. The goal of these system-wide sessions is to help campuses ensure that their new employees who are required by statute to complete the JCOPE Comprehensive Ethics Training, receive that training in a timely fashion, and in accordance with the statute.

To sign up for one of the training sessions, send an email to the Director of Compliance. The information on these modules, and their dates and times, is being communicated to campuses via the campus Ethics Officer.

Upcoming JCOPE training dates/times:
  • Thurs., Sept. 24, 2015      10:30 a.m.
  • Wed., Sept. 30, 2015        2:00 p.m.
  • Tues., Oct. 27th, 2015      2:00 p.m.
  • Thurs., Nov. 5, 2015         10:30 a.m.

Child Protection Policy Training: 
The Office of General Counsel and the Compliance Office have teamed up to deliver a system-wide training on the SUNY Child Protection Policy.  The training, separated into modules, is available on the Compliance topic page devoted to the Child Protection Policy.  The training includes recorded modules, and the powerpoint used for each training section is also availale for campus use.  See the 'Training' section of the page.


What’s New to the Compliance Website

The compliance website is continually adding new pages featuring information and resources for the SUNY campuses. Below is a listing of some of the recently added content.

  • Campus Crime Reporting New York State Law
    A new page on the compliance website summarizes how the 2014 Campus Crime Reporting Law impacts SUNY campuses.

  • October 5th Deadline: October 5th is the deadline for compliance with the New York State Education Law Article 129-B "Enough is Enough" legislation that passed on July 7, 2015. SUNY campuses, like all higher education institutions across New York State, must be in compliance with most of the Article 129-B requirements by October 5, 2015, 90 days after the law was passed.  The SUNY Office of General Counsel has prepared a guidance document for campuses on how to update their current policies to be in compliance with the new law, and has conducted webinars to answer campus questions about changes and implementation.  A document showing the changes to SUNY's policies as a result of Education Law 129-B being passed is available on the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Workgroup website.

  • NEW SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Resources (SAVR)
    In the Fall of 2015, with the start of the school year, SUNY has released a custom “Sexual Assault & Violence Resources (SAVR)” web-based tool to support victims to support victims of sexual assault or interpersonal violence, whether the victim attends a SUNY school or lives in any one of New York State’s communities.  Both tools can be customized for use by states and colleges nationally at no cost; and they can be found easily by typing “SUNY SAVR” or any combination of “SUNY Sexual Assault & Violence Resources” into the Google search engine.
  • New VAWA Customizable Visa and Immigration Resource
    This document, a collaborative effort of attorneys and professionals from institutions across the country, is a plain language explanation of visa and immigration options for students who are victims or survivors of sexual or interpersonal violence. The resource is available to SUNY institutions and higher education institutions throughout the country.  The resource web site includes two methods for customizing the document with automatic translation into all available languages.  Institutions may use the Excel form/spreadsheet or the Google Docs method.  Step-by-step instructions are included on the web site.

  •  International Background Check Guidance 2015, sent June 23 to campuses.
    This guidance from the Office of Global Affairs includes recommendations for compliance with new Department of State requirements for criminal background checks pertaining to Exchange Visitor Programs.

  • Campus Compliance Roles - new page on the compliance website details all of the required compliance roles a SUNY campus must have in order to comply with State and Federal law, and SUNY Policies. The page is a comprehensive list of the compliance roles that SUNY campuses must have, at a minimum, as well as the responsibilities of the employee who has been designated to fill that particular role.
  • U.S. Department of Education Publishes Compliance Calendar - A compliance calendar published by the U.S. Department of Education, titled 'Institutional Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Federal Student Assistance Programs,' provides higher education institutions with a comprehensive summary of reporting and disclosure requirements related to institutions’ eligibility to participate in the federal Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) student assistance programs. The document summarizes all reports and disclosures required for participation in Title IV programs. Each summary includes the statutory or regulatory authority, a description of what is required in each report/disclosure, the due date, the method of transmittal or distribution, and the recipient of the report/disclosure.

SUNY Compliance Listservs

To join the Compliance listserv, send an e-mail to the Director of Compliance.

In addition, several other Compliance listserv's are maintained in conjunction with particular compliance topics. To join one of these listservs, e-mail the Director of Compliance, who will pass the request along to the appropriate SUNY contact.

There are SUNY internal listservs for the following compliance topics/functions:

  • Clery Act Compliance
  • Title IX Compliance
  • Affirmative Action Officers
  • Records Management Officers
  • FOIL/ Records Access Officers
  • Ethics Officers
  • Child Protection Listserv

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The information contained on the SUNY Compliance website is for general campus guidance only and is not intended, nor can be relied upon, as legal advice or the imposition on SUNY campuses of specific policies or requirements. The site is intended to be an informational-only clearinghouse for some of the laws, rules, and regulations that may impact the State University of New York’s campuses. Additionally, given the rapid, changing nature of laws, rules and regulations, there may be delays or omissions contained on this site which therefore cannot be relied upon as complete. For complete compliance information, consult your campus compliance officials or the SUNY Director of Compliance. For legal advice, consult your lawyer.