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Student Concerns

Student Concerns

The SUNY Office of University Life reviews campus concerns from students and other individuals. The staff of the Office of University Life will work to review your concern and help connect you with the appropriate parties on campus to attain a resolution.

Before raising any concern, please read in full the following information and guidelines:

Academic concerns

For all academic issues please contact your instructor or advisor directly. If you are not satisfied or feel your concerns have not been addressed, refer to your campus’s process for submitting academic concerns or contact the department chair. The Office of University Life does not accept academic-related concerns.

If it is a concern about a professor or TA, please contact the dean of the college, chair of the department or other academic administrator. SUNY System Administration does not resolve grade or personnel matters.


For all admissions-related questions, including log-on information, contact SUNY at asksuny@suny.eduQuestions related to log-on information and applications and fee refunds that have been sent to the Office of University Life student concern form will not be answered.

Financial issues

Outstanding tuition bills that have been forwarded to the Attorney General’s (AG) office for collection will need to be addressed by the AG office (please see communiqués you have received from the campus and AG). SUNY System Administration cannot address any issue related to this.

Other concerns

For all other concerns, your first step is to refer to your campus’s student handbook and follow specific campus complaint or grievance procedures. No concern will be reviewed by the Office of University Life without doing this first.

If you have already been through your campus process as outlined in your student handbook and still have an unresolved issue, please fill out this form. You may also fill out the form if you have an issue in which you have not received a response from the campus officials, and where the specific procedure regarding that issue may not be outlined in the student handbook.

Please allow two weeks for a response from the Office of University Life. If two weeks or more have passed and you have not received notification regarding your concern, we advise that you first check your email and make sure that a response has not gone into a junk email folder or spam box. Then please email to confirm that your concern is being reviewed by our office. A delay may have occurred if further research is needed or staff is in the process of coordinating the response.

The email address is only to follow up on concerns that have already been submitted but have not been responded to within two weeks. All initial student concern issues must be submitted by the form linked above. Concerns submitted only via the email address will not be responded to.



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