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Office Overview

Employee Relations Office Overview

The SUNY System Office of Employee Relations serves as a consultant to campus and system administrators on the full range of public sector labor and employment relations issues. We are happy to advise on an individual basis and are also available to present seminars and orientation sessions for groups of administrators. Because we participate in policy making attendant to collective bargaining, litigation and dispute resolution under the collective agreements, we can offer informed advice on the development and application of those policies and agreements. We also advise on the various federal and state rules and regulations related to compensation, due process, leaves, workload, and disability, age-related, sex, race and national origin discrimination.

Since the advent of public sector collective bargaining in New York State in 1968, several portions of the Policies of the Board of Trustees have become the subject of negotiations. We are available to advise on those provisions related to appointments, including permanent and continuing appointment, athletics, evaluation, promotion and clinical practice.

While professionals within the office typically develop primary expertise with respect to particular collective bargaining units, the office is small enough that everyone assists across bargaining unit lines to some extent.

Members of the office have extensive experience in the often difficult areas of employee discipline. Given the complex constitutional and collective bargaining obligations involved in these cases, we encourage campuses to consult with us as early as possible as they consider this option.

The following are some additional examples of the types of assistance available:

Employee Relations