Student Financial Aid Services

Office of Student Financial Aid Services


SUNY’s Office of Student Financial Aid Services is dedicated to increasing opportunities for student access to and success in higher education by supporting campus efforts in helping students and their families seek, obtain, and make the best use of all financial resources.

This office acts as a support system and conduit for financial aid offices for all 64 campuses - working with government relations and Federal and State agencies to support and promote beneficial financial aid services for SUNY students. While complying with Federal, State, and Institutional regulations and guidelines, SUNY ensures equity and consistency in the delivery of funds to students.

SUNY has transformed Financial Aid Services for SUNY campuses and students with innovative SUNY Smart Track™ initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at assisting students in making informed decisions beginning with their college selection, financing their education and continuing with supportive messaging throughout their time at a SUNY campus. 

Smart Track™ efforts created a standard award letter for all campuses to ensure students are making the right college choice, understand all educational costs and promote smart loan borrowing.   

Additionally, Smart Track™ financial literacy is available for all prospective and current students throughout their time on campus and beyond. Through financial literacy and guidance, we support incoming students in making a successful transition to college. Furthermore, SUNY’s financial literacy tools and resources contribute to the University’s retention efforts by providing on-going assistance to our continuing students to help make their academic endeavors attainable.