Innovative Instruction

Innovative Instruction

The Innovative Instruction Transformation Team, established as an outcome of the SUNY Strategic Plan, made recommendations to leverage the Power of SUNY for supporting academic excellence and student success. A vision for a “network of networks” emerged, including tools and practices that will collaboratively increase efficiency and capacity for SUNY-wide delivery of high quality instruction. The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost have endorsed solutions that will:

This vision is supported by:

Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG)
IITG is a competitive grants program open to SUNY faculty and support staff across all disciplines. IITG encourages development of innovations that meet the Power of SUNY’s transformative vision. Grant recipients will openly share project outcomes in the SUNY Learning Commons, enabling SUNY colleagues to replicate and build upon an innovation.

For more details regarding the IITG program, please visit the website at

SUNY Learning Commons (SLC)
(Under development)
The SLC will allow SUNY students, faculty and staff to develop and maintain connections with people, resources, scholarly and instructional materials, fostering innovative teaching and learning practices and building on activities taking place on campuses. Launched as a forum to build and maintain discipline-based communities of practice, it will evolve to leverage the SUNY Learning Network and serve as a “Digital Concierge” to:

SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD)
The SUNY CPD will provide all faculty and staff with professional development opportunities within their disciplines to support innovative teaching and learning, leadership, scholarly exchange, assessment, accreditation support, and academic initiatives. More specifically, enabled by the SUNY Learning Commons and through the coordinated efforts of SUNY’s campuses, System Administration, and University-wide programs and initiatives, the CPD will:

Additional Program Initiatives are under development to support applied research in teaching and learning and Open SUNY. More Power of SUNY transformation information will be posted as it becomes available.