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Graduate Opportunity Program

Graduate Opportunity Program

What is the Graduate Opportunity Program and who is eligible?

The Graduate Opportunity Program provides partial tuition assistance to New York State Opportunity Program (EOP, HEOP, SEEK) graduates who are admitted to a graduate degree program at a participating SUNY campus. Financial support is contingent upon the availability of funding.

What will the Graduate Opportunity Program provide?

The graduate opportunity program will provide students with financial support to cover tuition at participating SUNY graduate and professional institution.

What is the application procedure?

Students must apply and be admitted to a participating campus prior to approval of Graduate Opportunity Program funding. Please see the list of participating campuses below. Documentation of a student's prior status as an opportunity program student is also required. Students who are interested in graduate study are encouraged to consult with their undergraduate  program director.

Participating Campuses (GOP)

Opportunity Programs