Security Operations Center

Open to all SUNY institutions, the mission of the SUNY Security Operations Center (SOC) is to provide expertise, software, training tools, and resources to help SUNY campuses improve their information security posture.


Non-Public SUNY SOC Site (Authentication Required)


The value of the SOC

​Cost-Effective Tools & Services

By centralizing skilled resources and leveraging aggregate buy opportunities, the SOC is able to provide access to Information Security toolsets and services at a value and predictable annual rate that is more difficult to achieve by a single campus.

​Community of Practice

The SOC promotes Information Security synergies between campuses by bringing IT and Information Security personnel together to share ideas, best practices, and seek out opportunities to share resources and services.

​Objective View

An outside opinion is often needed to push Information Security ideas and initiatives forward on campus. The SOC offers an external, unbiased point of view without the expense of additional consultation fees.


The SOC has a unique perspective on Information Security throughout SUNY and is familiar with the challenges faced by campuses. This knowledge equips the SOC to better assist campuses when facing Information Security problems and decisions.


Service Types

Services provided with SUNY SOC membership have two varieties:

  • Base Membership Service - provided as part of the base membership and offered uniformly to all participating institutions
  • À La Carte Service - additional service provided beyond base services that are offered to all participating institutions at an additional cost

Services may be added as the SUNY SOC initiative matures. New service decisions are made by the SUNY SOC governance organization.​