System Administration Staff Promotions

July 28, 2021

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras announced the appointments and promotions of SUNY System Administration employees—26 who were recently hired or promoted to roles of increasing responsibility. These individuals will work for SUNY System Administration in roles that will help SUNY better serve and provide improved services and supports to the student body.

Cheryl Hamilton, Student Advocate and Executive Director of EOP

Cheryl Hamilton

Juliana Hernandez-Commisso, Deputy Chief of Staff

Juliana Hernandez-Commisso

Chris Ellis, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development Initiatives

Chris Ellis

Cara Palumbo Schrantz, Associate Counsel and Ethics Officer

Cara Palumbo Schrantz

Katie McCutcheon, Associate Counsel

Katie McCutcheon

Tammy Mooney, Interim State Director and Associate State Director of NYSBDC

Tammy Morrow (Mooney)

Vanessa Threatte, Assistant Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Vanessa Threatte

Jessica Lucia, Executive Creative Director for SUNY System

Jessica Lucia

Kendra Cadogan, Senior Associate for Program Policy and Evaluation

Kendra Cadogan

Dominique Luke, Senior Staff Associate for EOC Operations

Dominique Luke

Melinda Race, Director of Energy Procurement and Utility Regulatory Affairs

Melinda Race

Gemma Rinefierd, Director of Student Affairs

Gemma Rinefierd

Manik Jassal, Manager of Finance of SUNY ARRIVE & Senior Advisor to CFO

Manik Jassal

Jordan McClendon, Manager of Digital Communications, SUNY ARRIVE

Jordan McClendon

Jackie Orchard, deputy press secretary for SUNY System Administration

Jackie Orchard

Petula Phillips, Senior Energy Accountant

Petula Phillips

Meaghan Laraway, Associate for Program and Policy with ODEI

Meaghan Laraway

Frank Barone, Senior Technical Event Assistant

Frank Barone

Isis Sample, Executive Assistance and Chancellor’s Office Liaison

Isis Sample

Emily Pawlak, Human Resources/Payroll Administrator

Emily Pawlak

Regina Anderson, SUNY Online

Regina Anderson

Gail Pawlowski, Office of Enrollment Services

Gail Pawlowski

George Schillinger, Plaza Operations

George Schillinger