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People Making News at SUNY


University Police:
The officers of the University Police earn the recognition they get at the annual Chiefs Association awards.

Member of the SUNY University Police pose in a group photo during 2015 Chiefs Association awards.‌‌‌‌‌With SUNY campuses covering so much of New York State, there are some times when these officers are required to respond to emergencies. These responders deserve recognition, which is why the University Police hold the SUNY Chiefs Association Awards each year. Each of the award nominees has demonstrated an ability to respond appropriately to emergencies and keep students safe during the prior year. READ MORE >>



Thomas Mastro:
New Student Assembly President seeks to give all SUNY students the opportunity to learn, to search, and to serve.

Thomas Mastro headshot‌‌‌As the newest president of the Student Assembly and member of the Board of Trustees, Thomas will have plenty of experience to gain from, as he has experienced college life at three different SUNY schools. During his term representing nearly half a million students, Thomas says his focus will be on student life and diversity along with increasing access for completion. READ MORE >>



SUNY Athletics:
Winter sports season brings champions across New York State

Collage of SUNY championship teams in basketball and hockey from the 2015 winter season.‌‌‌The suspense of the competition and the roar of the crowd are elements that any competitive athlete loves to be a part of. A test of abilities and energy pushes athletes to find an extra level of effort in order to see who can come out the victor in any event. During the 2014-15 winter season, our SUNY athletic teams found ways to emerge victors by earning conference and national championships in many sports. And with championships comes recognition on a large scale. READ MORE >>



Lori Mould:
Genesee Community College and Empire State College graduate represents 465,000 students

Lori Mould headshot thumbnail‌‌Lori Mould, elected as the SUNY Student Assembly President, was sworn in as a State University of New York student member of the Board of Trustees in June 2014. For the following year, President Mould will vote to represent nearly a half-million SUNY students as she works to further SUNY’s mission and commitment to its broad array of stakeholders. READ MORE >>



Dr. Sherri Mason:
SUNY Fredonia professor leads study of microplastics in Lake Erie

Sherri Mason, SUNY Fredonia professorDo you ever wonder what happens after you finish scrubbing with “microbeads” in your body wash?  As it turns out, they are landing in the Great Lakes and dangerously polluting North America’s environment. Dr. Sherri Mason, a professor at SUNY Fredonia and our previous IWA expert, has now lead the charge on the study of higher levels of microplastics in Lake Erie. READ MORE >>



Dr. Mike Sheridan:
Scientists continue to struggle to understand volcanoes

‌‌Mike Sherridan, University at Buffalo volcano researcherIt’s a wonderful time to live on planet Earth; violence is at the lowest level in recorded history; education is becoming more widely available for people in every corner of the globe; and science has explored more in the past century than ever before. But there is a looming threat beneath the feet of millions of humans: volcanoes. READ MORE >>



Jeremy Speed Schwartz:
Erasing the line between fact and fiction, science and art

Jeremy Speed Swartz, assistant professor of Digital Media & Animation at Alfred State‌‌When he isn’t teaching, Jeremy Speed Schwartz, assistant professor of Digital Media & Animation at Alfred State, spends his time traversing wormholes, discovering the surface of Mars (in Ireland), and diving headfirst into aquifers. He calls himself an imaginary scientist, and his work redraws (or altogether erases) the line between fact and fiction, science and art. READ MORE >>