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Audit Process

Audit Process


Audit Plan

The audit plan identifies SUNY entities/functions scheduled for audit during any given fiscal year and the total audit weeks to be expanded. The annual Audit Plan is shared with the Chancellor and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.


A notification letter will be sent to the principal Business/Finance Officer of the Campus or, if an audit of Systems Administration, to the Department Head, from the University Auditor, formalizing the scope and dates for field work. Engagement Letters constitute the formal confirmation of the audit as previously discussed with the campus personnel.

Request for Information

A request for relevant information/item records that will facilitate the audit is included with the engagement letter as an attachment.

Entrance Conference

The entrance conference will be scheduled with Campus officials prior to the commencement of any fieldwork. The participants in the conference will generally include the audit team members and relevant Campus officials. The opening conference sets the agenda and timing for the audit.

Exit Conference

As fieldwork approaches conclusion, an exit conference will be scheduled with Campus Officials at which time the findings, conclusions, and recommendations will be presented to the appropriate campus personnel. The Campus officials are encouraged to comment on the findings/conclusions and to document any comments made in reference to the findings as discussed.

Draft Reports

After fieldwork has been completed, the audit supervisor will begin the process of preparing a draft report, using the preliminary audit findings as a basis for the draft report.

The draft report cover letter requests the audited campus for its comments to the draft within 10 to 15 business days. Written comments from the Campus will generally be included in their entirety as an attachment to the report, but may be excerpted with the agreement of the audit party.

Final Report

When all of the draft audit issues are finalized (ie situational facts, and auditee response of agreement or disagreement, and System Administration comments where applicable), a Final Report will be issued.

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