Plaza Operations

Plaza Operations

Plaza Operations provides day-to-day management and supervision of all System Administration institutional services, including facility service contracts, maintenance and custodial, physical plant, parking garage and grounds, warehousing, and records center. Plaza Operations also coordinates the capital plan, oversees design and construction projects and coordinates and assists with Special Events. Plaza Operations contains four divisions with the following functions.


The Engineering department plans, schedules and oversees operation, maintenance, and general repairs of System Administration, including maintaining building drawings and equipment manuals.

Maintenance and Custodial

The Maintenance and Custodial department plans, schedules and oversees in-house carpentry and painting work performed in the System Administration facilities, including furniture and equipment moves.

Parking and Grounds

The Parking and Ground department oversees day-to-day coordination and supervision of the System Adminstration parking garage and grounds maintenance, which also includes snow removal operations during the winter season.

Warehouse and Records Center

The Warehouse and Records Center manages all warehouse operations, including receiving, storing and retrieving of all furniture and equipment stored in the System Administration warehouse. This also includes retrieving, storing and delivering records for SUNY System Administration.