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Recycling Guidelines

SUNY Plaza Recycling Guidelines

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Executive Order 4 (EO 4), signed April 24, 2008, directs all state agencies to maximize opportunities to reduce the amount of waste generated, to recycle material recoverable from the solid waste originating at their facilities, and to maximize the procurement of recycled products.

All SUNY staff can help the environment by reducing the quantity of solid waste that goes to the landfill, additionally lowering waste disposal expenses.

There are several types of collection bins to maximize recycling efforts:

Plastic, Glass, and Metal Containers (clean):

Please use the large blue plastic containers placed in break rooms, kitchens, kiosk, elevator lobbies, and a few other strategic locations throughout the building, to recycle plastic and glass bottles and/or jars, and metal/aluminum cans including bottles with 5 cent deposit. Plaza Operations staff deliver the containers to the Hudson and Mohawk Humane Society where they are sorted and the deposits are redeemed to support the Society’s mission to improve the lives of homeless and abused animals. Any food product containers must be washed or rinsed out before recycling.

Cardboard and Paper Products:

Each individual is provided a small three gallon blue recycle container to use near their desk for recycling all paper and cardboard products. When filled, individuals should empty their bins into the larger, rectangular recycle containers placed within a particular suite of office spaces. Boxes and cartons should be flattened before placing in a bin. Our evening cleaners will empty the suite bins as needed. If individuals or Offices need additional recycling containers, please call Plaza Operations at extension 01491 to arrange delivery.

Confidential Shredding:

Locked bins are available to be brought to offices needing to dispose of confidential material. The locked bins are taken offsite and processed as confidential shredded material in accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Title V.

Rechargeable Batteries:

There are several locations where labeled boxes have been placed for recycling rechargeable batteries. Current locations include Federal 2nd floor break room, Plaza Building room N338 (SUCF Administration), and room S110 (Business Office). Place your old rechargeable battery in one of the provided bags at the location and drop it in the box.

CDs and DVDs:

Next to the recycle boxes for rechargeable batteries as mentioned above, there is also a box to recycle CDs and DVDs. When filled, these boxes are shipped for recycling.

Laser Printer Ink Cartridges:

Individual Offices are to send these cartridges in for recycling. Usually UPS labels or envelopes are provided by the vendor upon purchase.

Non-Recyclable Items:

The following materials cannot be recycled: diapers, clothing, styrofoam, plastic bags, food, and compost


Thank you your assistance in our recycling efforts. If individuals or Offices need additional recycling containers or want to arrange a special pick up for large quantities, please call Plaza Operations at extension 01491 to arrange delivery. Please call Fran Castaldo at extension 01644 or email if you have any questions, comments, recommendations, or concerns.

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